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Connectivity issues

April 18, 2017

The issue with retention policies has now been fixed. All related messages and files should now be removed for teams.

We appreciate your patience throughout this disruption.
It looks like everything is back to normal for all teams. We'll let you know when we're sure the issue is resolved.

Thanks again for your patience today. We are still working to resolve the problems fully.
12:47pm PDT
We don't have an update as yet, except that we are still working to fix issues with retention policies. Thanks again for being patient with us on this.

12:10pm PDT
We are still working on fixing broken retention policies. Thanks for hanging tight.

11:30am PDT
Things are starting to look better on the connectivity front. Thank you for being patient with us.

Teams with custom retention policies may see messages and files sticking around when they're meant to be deleted. We are working on fixing this as we speak.

11:02am PDT
We're continuing to investigate degraded performance. We're also looking into reports from some other teams of performance and connectivity problems.

10:23am PDT
We are still looking into the issue and believe connectivity may have improved recently. Our priority right now is investigating potential degraded performance for the team affected.

Thanks again for your continued patience. We are still working to identify the problem.

We are working on identifying the issue that's causing the connectivity problems. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.
We are still investigating one team's connectivity issues with top priority.
One team is having issues connecting. Our engineers are investigating as we speak. We're very sorry for the disruption.