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Connectivity issues

April 27 - April 28, 2017

Our fixes have been successful and we believe all teams should be able to connect to Slack. Thank you kindly for bearing with us.
We’ve fixed a few things on our end to address the re-connection issues and are closely monitoring the situation.
We are still investigating issues relating to re-connections to Slack, and it is a top-priority issue for our team to right this problem.

We have no new updates as yet. We are still working on the connection issues with priority. Thank you for being patient with us.

12:08pm PDT
The re-connection problem afflicting certain teams is still under active investigation by our team. Thank you for your patience.
11:14am PDT
We are still actively investigating consistent Slack app reconnection issues for some teams.
10:25am PDT
Our apologies again for the ongoing issues that have been affecting certain teams this morning. We are hard at work to fix this as soon as possible.
Users on certain teams should be seeing an improvement with regards to persistent reconnections to Slack.

We are investigating a separate, but ongoing, connection issue for other teams. Thank you for your patience.
We're still exploring the cause of the issue and our engineers are investigating a possible fix. Thank you for being patient with us.
We're seeing further reports of users having trouble connecting to Slack. We're working on getting things back to normal as soon as possible. We're very sorry for the disruption.
We're seeing reports of degraded service for users on one team. Our engineers are looking into it as we speak.