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Incidents —June 2017

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June 28, 2017

Slowness with Slack

After a little sit down, things should be back up to speed. Thanks for bearing with us — and sorry for any hassle.
We're investigating reports of (sometimes extreme) slowness with Slack. We're doing everything we can to resolve this. Please bear with us — thank you.

June 23, 2017

Enterprise SSL Issues

Enterprise customers were unable to initiate new sign ins or view management pages for the duration of this incident
June 19, 2017

Connectivity issues affecting some teams

All teams should be able to connect to Slack now. We apologize for the inconvenience!
June 15, 2017

Connectivity issues affecting certain users

We've been monitoring the fixes and believe that all affected teams should be back online. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.
We've made a few fixes and things should be improving, connectivity-wise. We're still monitoring the situation in the hopes of giving an all-clear as soon as possible.

Thanks for bearing with us.
We're currently investigating connectivity issues that are preventing some customers from accessing Slack.
Our apologies for the disruption to your workday. We'll post updates as soon as possible.
June 15, 2017

Mobile push notifications not being received

We've caught up with delayed push notifications, and further pushes should now be going out as usual. Thanks for bearing with us.
We're investigating an issue preventing mobile push notifications being received. We're so sorry if you're among those affected.

June 13, 2017

Display/rendering issues

We had a brief issue where Slack was not displaying correctly for some users. A fix has now been released and a refresh should restore things to normal. We're very sorry for any disruption to your day.
June 8, 2017

Reports of ISP routing issues in New York

It appears that the ISP some teams were using in New York is no longer affected. Those teams should be able to connect to Slack now.
Slack is functioning normally for all users except those using the affected ISP. Regardless, we'll keep a very close eye on the situation.
We’ve received reports that some teams are having trouble connecting to Slack. This seems to be localized to one ISP in North America but our engineers are continuing to monitor the issue. We’re very sorry for the interruption to your day.
June 6, 2017

Connectivity Issues

We are happy to share that everything should be back to normal now. Thank you for your patience!
The connectivity trouble should be sorted out now. We’re still keeping an eye on things, and we will share more information once we're sure it has fully cleared up. Thank you for bearing with us!
We are currently seeing a connectivity problem where some teams are unable to load Slack. We are very sorry for this disruption. We're working hard to solve it as quickly as we can.
June 5, 2017

Integrations and unfurls are delayed

We've fixed the issue here, so your integrations and unfurls should now be behaving as normal. Thanks so much for being patient with us.
We're seeing reports of delayed link unfurling and slow integrations. We're working on resolving the issue at hand and we're sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

June 4, 2017

Connectivity issues affecting some teams

We've been monitoring the fix and believe that all affected teams should be back online. Thanks for bearing with us! We truly appreciate it.
We're migrating affected teams onto a new message server and users should notice improvements. We'll continue to keep a close watch on progress.
We're currently investigating reports from some teams who have been unable to connect to Slack. Our engineers are on the case and we're sorry for the disruption. Thanks for your patience.