Thursday July 13, 2017


Connectivity issues

Things should now be back to normal – everyone should be able to reconnect to their Slack teams. Thanks for bearing with us!

12:47 PM PDT・See in your timezone

Thank you for your patience! We've made some adjustments, and things are looking up with regards to connection issues. The team is still investigating, but we're aiming to give a final "all-clear" as soon as possible.

10:31 AM PDT・See in your timezone

We're still trying to pin down a root cause for connection issues, the team are working on it as a matter of priority. We'll continue to monitor the situation. In the meantime, please do bear with us.

9:20 AM PDT・See in your timezone

We've received reports of issues connecting to Slack, our engineers are digging into the problem as we speak. Please hang tight while we investigate and we're terribly sorry for any interruption to your day.

7:50 AM PDT・See in your timezone