Thursday November 16, 2017


Investigating connectivity issues

And with that we think we're in the clear. Please try to refresh Slack if you haven't reconnected already, and please do let us know if you see any further problems.

Thank you for sticking with us. At the risk of boring you to tears, please accept our sincere apologies once more.

5:54 AM PST

An update for the technical among you: We believe the issue is isolated to a name service provider caching and serving bad lookup results well past the configured TTL. We're deploying multiple workarounds in parallel to get you back online.

For the less technical among you: it may well be worth trying to refresh Slack once again. If you changed your DNS settings, you should be good to revert these changes if you'd like to.

We'll keep you update when we have more to report. Thank you ever so much again for your grace and poise.

5:28 AM PST

Further to our last update, we'd recommend trying Google's Public DNS specifically. If you were using OpenDNS, this is doubly worth a try. Apologies for any confusion.

4:38 AM PST

We're hearing quite a few reports that people are able to reconnect. Some additional people have said that tweaking their DNS setup has helped too. We suggest OpenDNS and Google's Public DNS. If you need any help with this, please drop us a line.

Again, we're very sorry for the hassle. We're still working to address the underlying issue.

4:03 AM PST

We're seeing some indications of improvements. Once again, it may be worth refreshing your workspace if you haven't tried in a little while.

3:39 AM PST

Thanks so much for your patience. Please know that we're doing our utmost to resolve these connectivity issues. We are extraordinarily sorry for the disruption to your day.

2:31 AM PST

We've had a few reports from people able to connect once more, so if you haven't tried in a while, it might be worth trying now. But for others, connection trouble seems to be persisting. Apologies, one and all.

1:42 AM PST

Though most reports have come from Europe, the issues seems not to be confined to Europe. That's time zones for you. Sorry again to those seeing difficulties. Our efforts continue.

12:57 AM PST

We've received a cluster of reports of connectivity problems as Europe arrives at work. We're looking into it. Sorry, Europe — and good morning. Updates, as we have them…

12:23 AM PST

Services affected