Monday January 22, 2018


Image uploads appearing broken for some users

We've just issued a fix for this problem, and are receiving reports that it's resolved. You may need to refresh your app to see the fix.

We're deeply sorry for the disruption but thank you again for your patience.

10:58 AM PST

Thanks again for hanging tight. We're still looking into the issue and hope to have more news shortly.

10:12 AM PST

We don't have any further updates just yet, but we're working on getting things back to normal as soon as possible. Thank you for bearing with us.

9:37 AM PST

We’ve narrowed down the issue to an upstream DNS problem and have escalated it to our DNS provider. We truly appreciate your patience.

9:09 AM PST

Images uploaded to Slack are appearing as broken for some users. We're working on a fix with high priority, and we're terribly sorry for any disruption this causes.

8:12 AM PST

Services affected