Thursday January 25, 2018


Issues with search

Search should now be working properly again for all workspaces. We're sorry for the trouble, and thank you for bearing with us today.

10:28 AM PST

We are starting to see some improvements with searches, but we still have work left to do to bring everything back to normal. We greatly appreciate your patience while we continue to sort this out.

10:04 AM PST

We’re actively working on fixing the problem with search, and we will keep you updated as we get closer to a solution. We are very sorry for any disruption this has caused in your day.

9:34 AM PST

We are still looking into problems with search that are affecting some workspaces. Regrettably, you may continue seeing some slowness or failures with searches for now. We’re working hard to fix the trouble as quickly as we can. Thanks for bearing with us.

9:14 AM PST

Search continues to experience issues, our Ops team are working to improve the situation so please do bear with us.

8:54 AM PST

We're seeing issues with search not working properly. Users will experience either slow or failed searches but our Ops and Engineering teams are working on it as top priority. We're very sorry for the interruption to your day.

8:42 AM PST

Services affected





Connectivity issues for some users, mainly in India

A tentative all clear: It's been a good while since we heard any new reports of trouble, and those reports we have heard seem to be resolved. We're continuing to investigate the cause of the issue. Please just let us know if you have trouble connecting to Slack. Sorry for the trouble, India (and, indeed, beyond, if applicable).

3:38 AM PST

We're still exploring the cause of the issue, but we're seeing some positive signs. We're terribly sorry if there has been disruption to your day.

2:42 AM PST

We don't have any further updates right now, but we are still exploring the cause of the issue. Thank you for being patient with us.

1:33 AM PST

We are seeing improvements for some users, but are still investigating this. If you're still seeing any issues, please do let us know at Thank you as always.

12:53 AM PST

We're looking into reports that some users are having issues connecting to Slack in India, and possibly parts of the Middle East and Africa. Our engineers are investigating this as we speak. We're truly sorry for any disruption this causes.

12:09 AM PST

Services affected