Monday January 8, 2018


Desktop app server error for some users

All signs now point to this issue being fully resolved. The error message is fixed by heading to "Help" > "Clear cache" in the app menu. Thank you again for all your patience and understanding.

8:10 PM PST

We have been monitoring reports and tentatively believe the issue to be resolved. If you are still seeing this error, and clearing the cache of your desktop app hasn't helped, please let us know at Apologies for all this hassle.

4:21 PM PST

We're continuing to investigate this issue. Thanks so much for being patient with us.

2:11 PM PST

We're still seeing reports of this issue and we're working on it with priority. You may be able to work around it by clearing your cache and restarting your app.

Thanks for your continued patience. We'll be back with an update again shortly.

11:56 AM PST

We're investigating an issue that is showing as "server error" for those using our desktop apps. We're so sorry if your day is interrupted by this. We hope to right it soon.

9:47 AM PST

Services affected