Thursday February 15, 2018


GIF Keyboard app not working

We're glad to share that this issue is fixed. Thanks so much for being patient while the app developers issued a resolution.

11:41 AM PST

We're just awaiting further information from the app's developers. Thanks for your continued patience.

10:02 AM PST

The app's developers are on the case and we're expecting a fix shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

8:52 AM PST

The `/gif` and `/gifs` command are not working due to an expired SSL certificate. Sorry for the trouble: we're awaiting resolution.

8:20 AM PST

We're waiting for the valid SSL certificate to be restored. The app remains inaccessible at the moment. Sorry for the hassle.

7:40 AM PST

One of the popular GIF apps for Slack is having trouble with its SSL certificate. This causes errors for users trying to post GIFs through their service. We've notified the developers. In the meantime, apologies for the trouble.

7:10 AM PST

Services affected