Friday April 20, 2018


Connectivity issues affecting some workspaces

We're all clear — folks who were having trouble getting into their workspace before should be able to reconnect with a refresh (CMD/CTRL + R). Our apologies for any disruption this caused to your day.

7:52 AM PST

We’re seeing signs of improvement. Workspaces facing connectivity troubles should try a refresh (CMD/CTRL + R). We may not be out of the woods quite yet but hope to have everyone connected as soon as we can.

7:38 AM PST

Some teams still may not be able to access their workspace. We're investigating the root cause and will keep you updated.

7:07 AM PST

We're looking into reports that some folks are not able to get into their workspace. Our team is investigating the cause and we'll keep you in the loop with any updates that come through.

6:37 AM PST

Services affected