Friday June 29 - Friday June 29, 2018


Problems with unfurling, notifications, threads, apps and integrations

We are pleased to announce that the issue with unfurling, message threads, notifications, apps and integrations has been resolved. Everything should be back to normal for all workspaces. Thanks for bearing with us today.

10:19 AM PST

We are getting closer to reaching a solution for this issue, but we're not out of the woods just yet. We hope it won't be too much longer before folks start seeing improvements.

10:05 AM PST

Thanks for bearing with us as we continue investigating this issue. We hope to have everything back to normal soon.

9:35 AM PST

We are currently investigating issues where link previews (unfurling), as well as notifications, threads, apps and integrations are failing to work as they should. We are sorry for the disruption, and are working to solve this as quickly as possible.

9:05 AM PST

Services affected



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