Tuesday July 17 - Tuesday July 17, 2018


Connectivity troubles affecting some of our customers

We're glad to report that the connectivity issues have now been resolved. Folks who experienced these troubles should now have a stable connection again after a reload (Cmd/Ctrl + R). Thank you for your patience today!

6:59 AM PST

We are getting closer to a resolution. Our engineers are pushing for a fix, and we're hoping to have good news to share soon!

6:22 AM PST

Our team is still exploring the cause of these connection issues. A reload (Cmd/Ctrl + R) is fixing things temporarily for people. We're hoping to have more news to share soon.

5:50 AM PST

We're continuing to investigate the connectivity troubles some of our customers are running into. We haven't identified the root cause just yet, but our team is on the case.

5:18 AM PST

Some of our customers have reported having an unstable connection to Slack. A reload of the app (Ctrl/Cmd + R) seems to help them reconnect to Slack temporarily, before getting disconnected again. Our team is investigating the issue as we speak.

4:48 AM PST

Services affected