Wednesday August 1, 2018


Connectivity troubles in the UK (ISP-related)

We're no longer hearing new reports of this issue so we're closing this out. If you're still seeing issues connecting to Slack, please get in touch. Thank you for sticking with us, everyone.

5:12 AM PST

We've identified that the issue comes from a downstream provider and are working with them to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

4:42 AM PST

We believe we've isolated the problem and we are hoping to have good news to share shortly. Thank you for being so patient with us.

4:17 AM PST

We are still exploring the cause of the connectivity troubles, and we're hoping to have news on this soon. Thanks for your patience!

3:47 AM PST

We're investigating reports of Slack being down for some customers in the UK.

3:14 AM PST

Services affected