Thursday August 2, 2018


Notification and messaging trouble

Technical Summary:
From 1:32 PST - 1:49 PST one of Slack's database hosts was misconfigured, which resulted in a degraded state for 3% of all Slack users. All users remained connected to Slack during this time, but affected users were not able to mark messages as read successfully, message edits failed, and pushes for new messages were not sent. File uploads that were attempted during this time also failed. We are taking necessary steps to ensure this misconfiguration does not happen in the future, and we recommend a client reload for all users.

3:49 PM PST

We are happy to report that the issues with message editing and notifications have been resolved. Please let us know at if you run into any further trouble.

1:49 PM PST

Folks may be seeing some issues with notifications and messages at this time. There may be problems editing messages, and notifications may not be coming through as expected. We are sorry for the disruption and are working to resolve this as quickly as we can.

1:32 PM PST

Services affected