Tuesday August 7 - Wednesday August 8, 2018


Problems with connectivity, notifications and link previews

Technical Summary:
On August 7th at 12:29 PST, problems were identified with some of Slack’s job queues. These problems caused delays for a small portion of Slack users when handling unfurls, notifications, and some integrations.

As the team fixed the job queue problem, regional network instability caused reconnections to other regions starting at 13:11 PST. This impacted Slack connectivity for a small percentage of users. Internet traffic was re-routed and users were able to reconnect.

By 13:20 PST, the team was able to restore all of the Slack job queues and all regional traffic had been successfully re-routed. An all clear was called at 13:36 PST.

Our team is working with the upstream service that caused these issues so they do not occur in the future.

2:20 PM PST

We have good news to share! Everything should be back to normal with notifications, link previews, and notifications for everyone. Please let us know if you run into any further trouble at feedback@slack.com.

1:36 PM PST

We are currently investigating an issue that's impacting some folks. You may notice that link previews (unfurls) and notifications aren't coming through as they should be. There may also be issues connecting. We will have updates as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

12:29 PM PST

Services affected

Link Previews