Monday August 20 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Authenticating Google Drive/Calendar integrations is broken for all users

Technical Summary:
On Monday August 20th between 4:55pm (PT) and 5:09pm (PT) we noticed issues authenticating Google Drive and Calendar. A configuration change prevented Google Drive and Calendar from using our access tokens. This resulted in authentication failures until the issue was resolved by our engineers at 7:14pm. If you’re still having trouble with Google authentication, please reach out to us at

7:57 PM PST

We have good news to share. The issues with Google Drive and Calendar authentications have now been fixed. You will just need to re-authenticate your integrations to see these fixes. We're so sorry to take time out of your day.

7:21 PM PST

The changes we've made are showing positive signs though we're not ready to call the all clear just yet.

7:12 PM PST

We believe we've found the culprit to these authentication issues and are working on a fix. Thanks again for your patience.

6:40 PM PST

We're still working to find the cause of these Google Drive and Google Calendar authentication issues.

6:09 PM PST

You may be having trouble authenticating your Google Drive integrations currently. Apologies for the hassle — we're on the case.

4:55 PM PST

Services affected