Tuesday August 28, 2018


Connectivity issues affecting all workspaces

Technical Summary:
On August 28, 2018 between 10:15amPDT and 10:59amPDT, Slack experienced a 44-minute outage where all users were unable to establish new connections to the Slack service. Users who were already connected to the service were able to remain connected during this time.

A configuration change at 10:15amPDT accessed incorrect settings and prevented service access for new connections. We reverted the configuration change at 10:59amPDT and new connections to the service were able to resume. We called the all clear at 11:23amPDT.

We are currently hard at work to scope preventative measures to ensure this does not happen in the future.

2:34 PM PST

Connections have improved for all users, and folks should be able to connect again. If you're still experiencing issues, drop us a line at feedback@slack.com.

11:23 AM PST

We've isolated the issue, and things look to be improving. Thanks for hanging in there.

11:09 AM PST

Investigation is ongoing, and we don't have updates to share at the moment. We apologize for the disruption to your day.

11:00 AM PST

Folks are having troubles connecting to their workspaces. We're looking into the cause and will have updates shortly.

10:15 AM PST

Services affected