Wednesday August 22 - Thursday August 23, 2018


Trouble with search

Technical Summary:
At 6:19pmPT on August 22, 2018 a change was deployed that caused Search to fail for all customers when they reloaded Slack on desktop or in a browser. This change was part of a larger effort we are taking to modernize and improve Slack performance.

The regression was identified at 6:35pmPT and reverting the change restored search functionality for all customers by 8:29pmPT. We have planned to add additional logging and testing activities to prevent this from happening in the future.

3:58 PM PDT - Aug 23rd・See in your timezone

We've deployed a fix to resolve the search issues. If you're still seeing failures, please reload Slack with Cmd/Ctrl + R, or reach out to us at Thank you for your patience, we're very grateful.

8:29 PM PDT - Aug 22nd・See in your timezone

We are still investigating the search trouble and working to determine the underlying issue.

8:14 PM PDT - Aug 22nd・See in your timezone

Searches in Slack may be failing for some users. We are all on hands on deck and looking in to this. We apologize for the trouble.

6:19 PM PDT - Aug 22nd・See in your timezone

Services affected