Wednesday August 15 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Connectivity issues for some users

Technical Summary:
On August 15th between 06:35 AM to 09:55 AM PST, we received reports from some users that they were having trouble connecting to Slack. After further investigation, we were able to confirm the connectivity troubles were a result of earlier issues with an upstream internet service provider (ISP). Our team will continue to monitor the situation, but there’s no further action we can take at this time. If you’re still having trouble connecting, please reach out to us at

1:45 PM PST

We've done some digging, and confirmed that the connectivity troubles are related to an Internet Service Provider issue. We'll keep our eyes on this, but there's no further action we can take at the moment. If you're still noticing any trouble, please drop us a line at

10:07 AM PST

We've received reports that some folks are running into some trouble getting into their Slack workspace. We suspect that this could be related to an Internet Service Provider, but we're taking a closer look in order to confirm.

6:35 AM PST

Services affected