Monday August 20 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Jira Cloud and Bitbucket app issues

Technical Summary:
On Monday August 20th between 6:43pm (PT) and 7:00pm (PT) we received reports the JIRA Cloud app was not working properly. At 7:36pm Atlassian confirmed they had deployed a fix for the JIRA Cloud app. At 7:48pm they confirmed the same for the Bitbucket app. Issues with both apps were subsequently resolved by 8:11pm. JIRA Cloud and Bitbucket should be working as expected now. If you’re still having trouble with these apps please reach out to us at

9:24 PM PST

We've received word that the issues have been rectified and both apps should be working as expected once more. We appreciate your understanding and patience through this.

8:17 PM PST

We have heard reports of issues with the Jira Cloud and Bitbucket apps. The Atlassian team are aware and working on these issues. Apologies for the hassle. We'll keep you updated.

6:43 PM PST

Services affected