Tuesday August 28 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Some customers may experience trouble making Slack Calls from mobile

Technical Summary
On August 28th, 2018 between 6:28pmPDT and 9:24pmPDT, Slack users in the APAC region were unable to initiate a Slack call on a mobile device.

At 6:28pmPDT, we retained an out-of-date DNS record during a routine infrastructure change. This prevented Slack Calls from mobile devices in APAC from connecting with the up-to-date infastructure settings.

At 9:24pmPDT we manually removed the errant record and immediately resolved the issue. We’re currently working on preventative measures to avoid repeats of this scenario.

10:23 PM PST

We're back to smooth sailing! We've resolved the Calls trouble and you should now be able to make Slack Calls from Android and iOS as normal. Thank you for bearing with us.

9:36 PM PST

We are investigating issues with making Slack Calls from the Android and iOS apps. Apologies for the trouble — we're on the case!

6:28 PM PST

Services affected