Wednesday September 5 - Thursday September 6, 2018


Indonesian customers may not be able to receive two-factor authentication codes through SMS

Technical Summary:
At 12:21pm Pacific Time, we received notice from a third-party vendor that they were observing some issues with SMS services for some customers in Indonesia. This had the potential to affect Two-Factor Authentication messages for users trying to log in to Slack from this region.

As we understand it, this third-party is working as fast as possible to restore all services in Indonesia. At this stage there are no indications that this has directly affected any Slack users, but if you are experiencing any issues please do reach out at

9:10 AM PDT - Sep 6th・See in your timezone

We're in touch with the provider while this is being ironed out. Please email us at if you run into any problems.

7:00 PM PDT - Sep 5th・See in your timezone

Customers in Indonesia might be unable to receive two-factor authentication codes via SMS at the moment due to issues with an upstream provider. We're very sorry for the disruption. If you need assistance signing in to Slack, please get in touch at

12:21 PM PDT - Sep 5th・See in your timezone

Services affected