Friday September 7 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Issues with opening new direct messages for Guests on Enterprise Grid

Technical Summary:
On September 4th at 10:39am PT, we deployed a code change intended to fix an existing bug with guests on Enterprise Grid. On September 7th at 4:49am PT, we first received reports that Enterprise Grid users were unable to send direct messages with users on other workspaces whom they had not messaged before. At 6:38am PT, we reverted that code change and this fixed the problem.

5:59 PM PST

We confirmed the fix. Direct messages are working again for Guests on Enterprise Grid. Apologies for the trouble and thanks for your patience.

7:38 AM PST

We're almost out of the woods. Guests on Enterprise Grid should be able to start new direct messages again. Please reload (Ctrl + R or Cmd + R) to make sure the fix is applied.

7:06 AM PST

We found the cause of the problem with new direct messages for Guests on Enterprise Grid. The team is patching it up and the functionality should be back soon.

6:34 AM PST

We've received reports that some Guests on Enterprise Grid workspaces cannot start new direct messages. Apologies for the trouble - our team is on the case.

4:49 AM PST

Services affected