Friday September 14 - Saturday September 15, 2018


Giphy integrations are having troubles

Technical Summary:
On September 14th between 9:42am to 10:19am Pacific Time, we became aware of search issues in Giphy, which were affecting the Giphy slash command. We reported the issue to Giphy, and they were able to resolve the problem. We called an all-clear at 10:19am Pacific Time. Slack users should be able to use Giphy again, however if you're still having trouble please reach out to us at

9:41 AM PDT - Sep 15th・See in your timezone

Giphy has cleared up the issue on their end, and GIFs should be back to normal.

10:30 AM PDT - Sep 14th・See in your timezone

We’ve received word that the Giphy integration isn't working correctly. We’re investigating and will have an update shortly.

9:42 AM PDT - Sep 14th・See in your timezone

Services affected