Tuesday September 11, 2018


Connectivity issues in Europe

Technical Summary:
From 12:27am to 01:50am PT, people in Europe were not able to access Slack.

Networking problems caused our servers in central Europe to be unreachable to Slack clients, resulting in people being unable to connect. We diverted traffic away from this region to other facilities in Europe, which allowed people to reconnect to Slack once again. An all clear was called at 01:50am PT.

2:17 AM PST

We're now in the clear for the connectivity troubles affecting folks in Europe. We're so sorry for having disrupted your day, and thank you again for sticking with us.

1:50 AM PST

We're seeing some positive signs and people should be able to connect again after reloading Slack (Ctrl/Cmd + R). Our team is still monitoring the issue on our end, and we will keep updating the status site until we are completely out of the woods.

1:34 AM PST

We're getting reports that customers can't connect to Slack. We're investigating as we speak and we apologize for the disruption.

12:27 AM PST

Services affected