Wednesday September 19 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Problems with adding Google Calendar to Slack

Technical Summary 18/09/20:
On September 18th at 12:42am PT, we noticed that people were having trouble installing the Google Calendar app. Once we detected the issue, we began an internal investigation.

At 04:52am PT on September 19th, our engineers identified a change in Google’s authentication API as the root cause of the problem. Once we assessed the impact, we made a change and we were able to call an all clear at 07:47 AM PT. If you are still experiencing issues with the Google Calendar app, please email us at

9:15 AM PST

We found and fixed the problem that was blocking authentication with Google Calendar. Setting up new calendar integrations is working again now. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your patience.

7:46 AM PST

Our team is still working to get the Google Calendar authentication back up and running in Slack. We're sorry for the ongoing issues.

7:16 AM PST

Trying to set up new Google Calendar integrations is still causing authentication errors. Our engineers keep investigating the source of the trouble.

6:47 AM PST

Our team keeps working on the issues with authenticating Google Calendar in Slack. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

6:17 AM PST

Our engineers are digging into why authentication is failing for new Google Calendar integrations. We appreciate the patience and apologize for the trouble.

5:46 AM PST

We're still working to solve the issue with authenticating new Google Calendar integrations.

5:16 AM PST

We've narrowed down the scope of the problem to an issue with the authentication flow. The team is working on patching it up. Thanks for your patience.

4:47 AM PST

People cannot add new Google Calendar integrations to Slack at the moment. We're sorry about that and our engineers are working on a fix.

4:16 AM PST

Adding new Google Calendar integrations is not working for some people. Our team is looking for the cause of the issue.

3:46 AM PST

We're investigating reports of problems with setting up a Google Calendar integration with Slack. Apologies for the trouble.

3:16 AM PST

Services affected