Monday October 1, 2018


Issues with connectivity and file uploads

Technical Summary:
On October 1st between 8:11pm PT and 8:22pm PT, Slack experienced issues that prevented some users from connecting to their workspace. The ability to view or upload files was also affected.

A configuration change at 8:11pm PT caused any new app connections to fail. For connected users, the ability to view and upload files was also affected. This change was reverted at 8:22pm PT.

We are currently hard at work on scoping preventive measures to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.

12:52 PM PDT - Oct 2nd・See in your timezone

Everyone should be able to upload their files and access Slack once more. We're truly sorry for disrupting your day.

8:22 PM PDT - Oct 1st・See in your timezone

We are looking into reports of people having trouble accessing their workspaces and uploading files. Apologies for this disruption.

8:11 PM PDT - Oct 1st・See in your timezone

Services affected






Connectivity issues affecting workspaces in Europe

On October 1, from 9:22AM to 9:27AM (PT) and from 9:42AM to 9:47AM, some customers in Europe were unable to access Slack.

At 9:22AM, some customers in Europe weren’t able to connect to Slack due to trouble with servers in that region. We identified the problem, and re-routed customers to healthier servers. Everyone was able to reconnect by 9:27AM.

At 9:42AM, customers were disconnected again. With one more re-route, all customers were able to access Slack again by 9:47AM. At 10:05AM, we declared the issue resolved with everyone able to access Slack.

10:17 AM PDT - Oct 1st・See in your timezone

We've steadied out on our end, and people connecting from Europe should no longer be seeing any issues. Our sincerest apologies for the continued trouble today.

10:05 AM PDT - Oct 1st・See in your timezone

We may have spoken too soon. We’re still seeing some instability in European workspaces connecting to Slack. We’re investigating the root cause so that we can get everything stable across the board again.

9:42 AM PDT - Oct 1st・See in your timezone

Our team has identified that these connectivity impacted folks specifically in Europe, but things are looking back to normal now. We're sorry for any trouble this caused to your day.

9:27 AM PDT - Oct 1st・See in your timezone

We're investigating connectivity issues impacting some workspaces. Our team is on the case, and we'll have an update for you soon.

9:22 AM PDT - Oct 1st・See in your timezone

Services affected