Tuesday October 23, 2018


Connectivity issues affecting some workspaces

Technical Summary:

On October 23 at 4:23 PM PT we received an internal alert that some servers were overloaded due to unexpected traffic. As a result, some customers were unable to connect to Slack. As the servers recovered, we continued to investigate and monitor the issue. We called an all clear at 5:07 PM PT. We're investigating the root cause and making plans to ensure this doesn't happen in the future.

5:26 PM PST

We've been given the all-clear from the team. Everyone should be able to connect to their workspaces once more. But please let us know if not at feedback@slack.com. Apologies for this disruption to your day.

5:15 PM PST

No updates to share just yet on the connectivity issues though we're working to get you back in as quickly as possible.

5:06 PM PST

We're looking into reports of some people having trouble connecting to their workspaces. Apologies for this disruption.

4:35 PM PST

Services affected





Trouble with Giphy

Technical Summary:

On October 23 at 1:57 PM PT, we received reports that the Giphy integration wasn’t returning results as expected in Slack. We reported the problem to the Giphy engineering team and they were able to fix the issue. Giphy was back up and running by 2:53 PM PT.

8:52 AM PST

Things should be back to normal now with Giphy for everyone. If you run into any further issues, please let us know at feedback@slack.com.

2:56 PM PST

Some folks may be running into issues with the Giphy app failing to return matches. We're looking into the issue with Giphy, and will keep you posted as soon as there is news to share. Thanks for your patience!

2:22 PM PST

Services affected