Wednesday October 17 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Some folks are experiencing performance issues

Technical Summary:

On October 17, 2018, for a few minutes starting at 11:28 AM PT, some customers were unable to connect to Slack. In addition, between 11:28 AM PT and 12:52 PM PT, some users experienced issues with notifications being delayed or not being received, files not successfully uploading, and messages failing to send. Our investigations determined this to be caused by a networking issue with one of our cloud providers. Functionality was fully recovered by a selective restart of the servers responsible for those tasks.

10:17 AM PST

Our team has successfully isolated the issue, and things should be back to normal again. Thanks for your patience!

1:22 PM PST

We're still looking into the cause of notification, thread, and message issues some users are experiencing.

12:52 PM PST

We've received reports that some folks are having difficulties with notifications, threads and editing messages. We're aware of the issue and are actively working towards a resolution. Sorry for the troubles!

12:22 PM PST

Services affected