Thursday October 18 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Trouble with Events API, notifications, unfurls, and threads

Technical Summary:

Starting on October 17, 2018 at 11:28 AM PT, some customers were seeing delays with certain features, including link unfurls, notifications, and integrations. After noticing a large increase in backlogged jobs, our engineering team began performing service restarts to process the delayed job queue. This restored functionality for all affected features at 9:25 AM PT on October 18th.

12:27 PM PST

Thanks for your patience. Notifications, unfurling links, loading threads, and our Events API should be back to normal now. If you're still seeing issues, drop us a line at

10:05 AM PST

We're in the final steps to restore full service to the Events API.

9:59 AM PST

Our team is close to a resolution with our Events API. Your continued patience is appreciated.

9:29 AM PST

Events API is delayed and we're working to restore the service as quick as we can. Apologies for the trouble.

8:59 AM PST

We're seeing improvements with most features working correctly again. Delays are still affecting the Events API and we're working to fix it - appreciate the patience.

8:30 AM PST

We're still patching up the delays affecting notifications, unfurling links, and loading threads. Apologies for the problems.

7:56 AM PST

Notifications, threads, and unfurling are not working correctly for some users. We're working to bring back full functionality.

7:27 AM PST

We're still investigating delays and problems with some features, including unfurling, threads, and notifications.

6:56 AM PST

Some users might be running into problems with processing threads and unfurls. Notifications might be delayed as well. We're sorry about the problem and working to fix it.

6:26 AM PST

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