Wednesday October 24, 2018


Some folks may be experiencing connectivity issues

Technical Summary:

On October 24, between 1:44 PM PT and 2:00 PM PT, a small percentage of customers were unable to connect to Slack. The connection issue was caused when a server exhausted available system resources. At 1:38 PM PT, we reduced the server’s memory resources, and the issue was fully resolved at 1:56 PM PT.

3:02 PM PST

We've successfully identified and resolved the issue, and things should be back to normal again. Thanks for your patience, and apologies for the disruption!

2:15 PM PST

We're currently investigating connectivity issues impacting some workspaces. Our team is on the case, and we'll have an update for you as soon as we can. Sorry for the troubles!

1:44 PM PST

Services affected