Wednesday November 28 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Slow unfurls being experienced by all users.

Technical Summary:
On November 28th between 1:10pm (PT) and 4:33pm (PT), some customers experienced delays with parts of our service.

An issue occurred at 1:10pm (PT) that triggered a high amount of API calls, creating a backlog in one of our job queues. This caused delays for some customers with features that rely on the job queue, including unfurls, Slackbot messages, and "All Threads" or "All Unreads".

We worked through the backlog and deployed a fix which allowed the job queue to recover. The all clear was called at 1:38pm (PT).

7:35 PM PST

Unfurls are working properly once again! Please do let us know if you continue to see issues. Thank you for your patience while we sorted this out!

1:47 PM PST

We're experiencing delays with unfurling, reaction emoji, and the /giphy command. We're investigating!

1:10 PM PST

Services affected

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