Tuesday November 13 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Issues loading display names for some NA West customers

Technical Summary:

On November 13th between 8:08am PT and 4:09pm PT, a small percentage of users were unable to search for direct messages (DMs), and experienced issues loading display names in channels. This was due to a error with one of our servers.

At 3:45pm PT we reloaded the affected server and continued to investigate and monitor the issue, until the issue was fully recovered at 4:09pm PT.

We're very sorry to those affected for the disruption to your day. We're investigating the root cause and making plans to ensure this doesn't happen in the future.

12:56 PM PST

We come bearing good news! All customers should be able to see display names in their workspaces once more. Sorry for that disruption to your day.

4:09 PM PST

We're investigating reports of display names not rendering correctly for some folks. Apologies for the hassle here — we're on it.

3:45 PM PST

Services affected