Tuesday November 27 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Trouble with the Google Calendar integration

Technical Summary:

On November 27th at 3:07 pm PT, an update was made to the Google Drive integration that was not correctly processed. This prevented Google Calendar reminders from appearing correctly in channels for a subset of users.

After an investigation of the problem, our team deployed a fix at 11:41 pm PT, where normal functionality resumed at 12:14am PT. We'll continue to monitor the integration. If you continue to experience any issues please drop us a note at feedback@slack.com.

9:03 AM PST

We’ve resolved the Google Calendar issues, and all functionality should be back to normal. Sorry for the hiccup!

12:24 AM PST

We believe we've narrowed down the issue affecting our Google Calendar integration, and are close to a fix. Thanks for bearing with us!

11:33 PM PST

We're still investigating the root cause of the troubles with our Google Calendar integration, but we hope to have things fixed up shortly.

11:07 PM PST

We're currently experiencing some issues with our Google Calendar integration. We're actively investigating, and hope to have an update soon. Thanks for your patience.

10:33 PM PST

Services affected