Tuesday December 11 - Wednesday December 12, 2018


New users experiencing troubles with the custom Terms of Service

Technical Summary:

At 10:35 AM PST on December 11, 2018, a code change was deployed that inadvertently caused users to see a “There's been a glitch…” error page instead of the Custom Terms of Service for their Enterprise Grid organization. This effectively prevented a subset of people from accessing their workspaces. After an investigation, we were able to identify and confirm the issue, and finally resolved the error at 2:15 PM PST by reverting the relevant change for all users.

2:51 AM PST

The custom Terms of Service should be back to normal for users once again. Thanks for sticking with us!

2:22 PM PST

Our team has isolated the issue and are actively working on a fix. We appreciate your patience.

1:54 PM PST

New users on enterprise orgs may see a "Glitch" page when trying to load the Custom "Terms of Service" page. We're looking into the cause of the issue and hope to have an update shortly.

1:24 PM PST

Services affected