Monday December 10 - Tuesday December 11, 2018


Calls on mobile not working for some customers in Asia

Technical Summary:

Earlier in the day, on December 10th, our Singapore calls server was temporarily taken out of action for some scheduled maintenance.

This exposed an existing bug in the calls API that had been re-routing calls originating from India and Japan to our Singapore calls server. With this server now offline, we started to receive reports from those regions of calls via mobile failing. At 9:19pm PT, we put a fix in place, and calls began to no longer fail on mobile devices.

Calls from these regions should now be working as expected. However, if you notice anything amiss, please contact us at

2:40 PM PST

We've been given the green light! Everyone should be able to make calls from their mobile once more but please let us know at if not. We're truly sorry for disrupting your day.

9:23 PM PST

We're looking into why some customers in Asia are having trouble connecting to calls from mobile devices. Please bear with us as we get this sorted.

9:04 PM PST

Services affected