Monday January 21 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Connectivity issues

Technical Summary:

On January 21 at 8:42 AM PT, we noticed network issues that caused some customers to be temporarily disconnected from Slack. We investigated the issue and re-routed traffic to healthier servers. The issue was resolved at 11:18 AM PT. Everyone should now be able to connect to Slack.

Thanks for your patience as we worked through the issue. If you are still having issues, please reach out to us at

1:08 PM PST

It looks like we are out of the woods for the connection issues some workspaces were facing before. We're sorry for any disruption this caused to your day. If you're still experiencing any trouble, please reach out to

10:39 AM PST

We're still looking into connectivity issues for some folks, but things look to be trending in the right direction. We'll continue to keep an eye out and share any news.

10:07 AM PST

We're currently investigating connectivity issues affecting some workspaces. We'll have more updates to share soon.

9:38 AM PST

Services affected