Tuesday January 15 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Slackbot is not responding to messages written in Japanese

Technical Summary:

On Jan 14th at 12:46 PM PST, a code change was made to how Slackbot fetches Help Center articles. Customers with locales set to Japanese failed to get proper responses in their DM with Slackbot. Instead, they were sent the generic error "何を言われたかわかりませんでした。ごめんなさい" ("I'm sorry, I don't understand!")

We deployed a fix for the issue at 2:00 PM PT on Jan 16th and restored Slackbot's functionality for all users.

5:38 PM PST

We’re happy to say we’ve resolved the issue with Slackbot failing to respond to messages in Japanese. Thank you for your patience while we rolled out a fix for this.

2:09 PM PST

We are investigating why Slackbot is not responding to messages in Japanese. Sorry for the trouble. We're working on it.

10:41 PM PST

Services affected