Friday January 11 - Saturday August 24, 2019


Problems inviting Guest Accounts for Enterprise Grid Customers

Technical Summary:

On January 11th at 12:13 PM PT, a code change affected the invitation flow for Enterprise Grid users. A small percentage of Grid users were unable to invite Guests to their Grid workspaces. After investigation, we identified the issue and reverted the code change. The issue was resolved by 2:55 PM PT.

5:35 PM PST

Thanks for your patience while we worked to fix the problems with invitations for Guest Accounts on Enterprise Grid. The issue should now be fully resolved, however if you run into any further trouble, please let us know at

2:57 PM PST

We're not quite out of the woods yet, but we should have a solution in place very soon for the Guest Account invitation issue.

2:51 PM PST

Our team is getting closer to a solution for the invitation problem for Guest Accounts. We're hoping to have this in place as soon as possible.

2:21 PM PST

We're sorry to report that Enterprise Grid workspaces may be seeing issues when attempting to invite Guest Accounts to join. Our team is on the case, and we hope to have good news to share soon.

1:51 PM PST

Services affected

Workspace/Org Administration