Wednesday February 27 - Sunday December 15, 2019


Issues with Slack calls and slow loading pages

Issue Summary:

On February 27th at 6:04PM PST, we began experiencing some region-specific issues with our Content Delivery Network (CDN). During this period, some users may have experienced issues making calls, accessing the Admin or Checkout pages, installing and configuring apps or slower general performance. The issues with our CDN were addressed and by 10:08PM PST all functionality had returned to normal.

11:18 PM PST

We've fixed the issues with calls, and all pages should be loading fast once again. However, if you're still seeing issues with any of these features, please let us know at

10:41 PM PST

We've isolated the problem with calls and the slow loading pages. We’re working to bring these features back online for everyone. More details to come as they become available.

10:33 PM PST

We're still pinning down the cause for failing calls and certain pages loading slowly. We hope to bring some good news soon.

10:03 PM PST

We’re still working on fixing these features that have been impacting some workspaces. We really appreciate your patience.

9:34 PM PST

Our team are still looking into what’s causing these issues. In addition to calls, we've seen that other pages are affected and we'll continue to update you on our progress.

9:04 PM PST

We've received word that some people are having trouble starting calls, as well as accessing the Admin and Checkout pages. We're investigating and will be sharing constant updates. Sorry for the disruption to your day.

8:32 PM PST

Services affected


Workspace/Org Administration