Thursday February 14 - Sunday December 15, 2019


Trouble with reminders in Slack

Technical Summary:

On February 14th at 6:40PM PST we deployed a change to one of our core systems. It caused scheduled reminders to fail for some users. We reverted the change, which resolved the issue. By 10:12PM PST all reminders were functioning as expected.

3:44 AM PST

We're happy to say that reminders should be working once again. We’re sorry for the trouble this caused, and thanks for sticking with us.

10:15 PM PST

Our team is getting closer to fixing reminders for everyone. We hope to bring some good news soon.

9:58 PM PST

We're still trying to pin down the root cause of the issue with reminders. We really appreciate your patience.

9:26 PM PST

We’ve seen reports of reminders not working in Slack. We're sorry for the disruption, but we’re on the case and we’ll keep you posted.

8:56 PM PST

Services affected