Wednesday February 13, 2019


Emails to Slack not working

Technical Summary:

On February 13th at 5:02pm PST, we received reports that emails were failing to deliver to Slack forwarding addresses. We identified that this was the result of an expired certificate used to verify requests sent from our email provider. At 7:20pm PST, we deployed an update to address this. We identified that emails sent as early as 12:07pm PST may have been affected by this issue. Unfortunately, any emails sent via the integration during this time would not have been successful. However, they can now be manually re-sent.

10:19 PM PST

We're happy to say that emails to Slack should be working once again. Thanks for sticking with us and if you see any other troubles, please reach out through

7:28 PM PST

We don't have any new information on the email integration issue, but we're continuing our efforts to fix it. We really appreciate your patience.

7:13 PM PST

We’ve found the root cause that's causing emails to not post to Slack and we’re working to get things running again. Thanks for bearing with us.

6:43 PM PST

We're still exploring the issue with our email integration. Sorry for the disruption and we hope to be back to normal soon.

6:13 PM PST

We're investigating an issue preventing emails from being posted to Slack using our email integration. Our engineers are on the case and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

5:43 PM PST

Services affected