Tuesday March 12 - Sunday December 15, 2019


Org Dashboard is not loading for Grid customers

Issue Summary:

On March 12 at 9:48 AM PDT, we rolled out a change that caused the Org Dashboard to stop loading for Enterprise Grid customers. As a result, Org Admins and Owners were unable to make administrative changes. After investigating the problem, we reverted the change, which successfully returned functionality of this page at 11:44 AM PDT.

5:11 PM PST

A fix has been deployed, however some customers may need to reload Slack by hitting SHIFT + CTRL(Win)/CMD(Mac) + R. Thank you for your patience.

11:34 AM PST

We are happy to report Org Dashboards are back up and running! Apologies for the disruption to your day.

11:10 AM PST

The Org Dashboard is not loading for some Grid customers. We are working hard to get it back up and running. Thank you for your patience!

10:42 AM PST

Some people may be having an issue with Slack. We’re currently investigating and will have more information shortly. Thank you for your patience.

10:33 AM PST

Services affected

Workspace/Org Administration