Sunday March 17, 2019


Recent messages not shown in search results

Issue Summary:

On March 17th at 6:29pm PDT, we received a report that the search feature was not returning the most recently posted messages. An internal investigation was launched.

We established that this was caused by a change made to the search infrastructure tooling at 5:00pm PDT. This resulted in search indexing failing to return messages posted after this change. Once this was identified, we were able to deploy a fix and resolve the issue at 8:37pm PDT on March 17th.

We’re investigating the root cause, as well as making plans to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.

9:42 PM PST

Recent messages should be appearing once again in your search results. Sorry for the hassle and thanks for sticking with us!

8:37 PM PST

Recent messages may not be listed in search results at the moment. We are investigating, and we're very sorry for the disruption. Thank you for your patience.

7:59 PM PST

Services affected