Friday March 29, 2019


Trouble with loading channels for some teams

While we’re confident this shouldn’t be happening to most folks now, there may be some teams that are still seeing trouble with properly loading channels. Please let us know at if you're experiencing this and we'll look into it right away.

8:03 AM PST

We've got good news: it looks like we’ve isolated the problem, so people should be able to load all channels again. If you're still experiencing issues, please drop us a line at

6:52 AM PST

Our team is still investigating, but we’re on the right track towards a solution. We hope to have more good news to share shortly.

5:30 AM PST

We really appreciate you sticking with us while we figure out what's happening here. We know that problems with channels can be a big disruption to your day, so we've got all eyes working to fix the issue.

4:30 AM PST

We’re still investigating the issue with channels loading for some workspaces, but we don’t have additional information just yet. We’ll be back in 30 minutes with another update.

4:00 AM PST

Some teams are experiencing difficulties loading the #general channel on their workspace. We're currently investigating, and we'll keep you posted as soon as we have more information. We're sorry for the disruption.

3:42 AM PST

Some people may be having an issue with Slack. We’re currently investigating and will have more information shortly. Thank you for your patience.

3:31 AM PST

Services affected