Friday April 26, 2019


People may be unable to see their channel sidebar or some messages

Incident Summary:

On April 26th, beginning at 10:45am PDT, some customers had trouble loading parts of the Slack UI including the lefthand sidebar, some messages, and some emojis. We had deployed a small change to the emoji component that resulted in this error affecting some customers.

The initial change was updated to correct this error and the issue was resolved for all customers at 3:24pm PDT.

5:21 PM PST

We're making progress on a fix, and expect that reloading your workspace (Ctrl/Cmd + R) should get everything up and running again. If you're still experiencing trouble after giving this a try, please let us know at

3:17 PM PST

A small group of folks may be unable to see their channel sidebar or some messages. Thanks again for your patience as we continue to look into this and we'll be back in a bit with more news.

2:35 PM PST

Some people may be having trouble loading the channel list in their sidebar. We’re currently investigating and will let you know once we have more information. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

1:53 PM PST

Services affected