Wednesday May 1 - Thursday October 17, 2019


Issues with search and the Quick Switcher for Grid customers

Issue Summary:

On May 1st, 2019 at 3:51PM PDT an update was released which caused the Quick Switcher and other dialogue boxes with "Autocomplete" functionality to fail for some users. After identifying the error, a fix was released and by 5:29PM PDT and all functionality was returned to normal. Users may need to reload Slack by pressing "command" (⌘) + R on Mac, or "ctrl" + R on Windows/Linux for the fix to take effect.

12:17 PM PST

We come bearing good news! Everyone should be able to use search and the Quick Switcher once more. We would advise refreshing the app with cmd or ctrl and R before giving search a try. If you're running into any trouble after giving that a go please let us know at So sorry for all that hassle.

5:54 PM PST

We've made some changes that we believe will resolve these issues with search and the Quick Switcher. We will monitor things and let you know as soon as we know more.

5:42 PM PST

We’re still working to locate the cause of these issues with search and the Quick Switcher for some Grid customers. Thanks for holding tight.

5:04 PM PST

Some folks may be having trouble using the Quick Switcher (Ctrl/Cmd + K) to search in Slack. We're on the case and will let you know as soon as we have more news to share. Apologies for any disruption in the meantime.

4:33 PM PST

Services affected