Thursday August 29, 2019


File uploads are failing for some workspaces

Issue Summary:

Due to an upstream provider removing an IP address from service, some customers were unable to upload files and connect to Slack. We requested customers flush their DNS cache in order to purge the IP address. Please reach out to if you’re having any trouble uploading files or connecting to Slack.

6:06 PM PST

Folks have reported that flushing DNS cache has resolved the file upload issue some of you have experienced; however, please let us know at if that’s not the case.

3:35 PM PST

We're continuing to look into file uploads failing, but haven't solidified a root cause yet. We'll keep you updated as we move forward in our investigation.

8:56 AM PST

Our team is looking into issues with file uploads for some customers. We will keep you updated as we start to look into the root cause.

8:24 AM PST

Services affected