Wednesday September 25 - Tuesday October 15, 2019


Issues loading older versions of the app

Issue Summary

On September 25, 2019 at 9:17 a.m. PDT, we deployed a change that wasn’t compatible with older versions of the desktop app. Some individuals were then unable to use older versions of the desktop app. We reverted the deploy, and people could use the desktop app again by 1:50 p.m. PDT. If you’re encountering any trouble, please let us know at

4:51 PM PST

Thanks so much for your patience while we looked into this. We have released a fix and you should be able to access the app again. Our apologies if your day was disrupted by this.

2:01 PM PST

We have heard that some people are having trouble loading older versions of the app. We’re looking into it now. If you're affected, you may want to update your app here:

1:38 PM PST

Services affected