Sunday October 27, 2019


Guests are unable to direct message bots

Issue Summary:

On October 22 at 7:00am PDT, we began rolling out a new Block Kit feature called App Home. Starting on October 26 at 9:46pm PDT, we received reports that guests were unable to send direct messages to bots. We determined that this problem was caused by the introduction of App Home, and reverted to the prior experience for guests. This resolved the issue and full functionality was restored by October 28 at 9:44am PDT.

1:54 PM PST

We’ve restored full functionality for direct messaging with bots, and things are back to normal. In order to see the fix, affected users should reload Slack using Ctrl + R or Cmd + R. Apologies for the interruption we caused, and thank you for your patience.

10:08 AM PST

While we look into this issue, we've found that Guests may be able to direct message bots with this workaround:

1. Access the workspace in a web browser (e.g. Google Chrome).
2. Open the direct message with the bot, where the web browser URL will appear in this format:
3. To bypass the "This is still a work in progress" error, remove the trailing '/app' from the URL and hit Enter.

If you continue to have troubles after trying this, please let us know through We hope to have a permanent fix out as soon as possible.

11:59 PM PST

We're aware that some people with Guest accounts are unable to open direct messages with bots. We’re currently investigating, and we’ll update this page as soon as we have more information. We're sorry for the disruption.

11:25 PM PST

Services affected